How French Braids in the 6th Grade Inspired Mimi to Open a Salon

In the 6th grade, Mimi’s best friend ranked 2nd in the state tennis championships. Every time she had a  tennis match, Mimi got to leave school early to french-braid her best friend’s hair because her mom didn’t know how to (on-set stylist in the making!). These were the beginnings of moments to come that Mimi realized how creating beauty and instilling confidence brought her unmatched joy.

From apprentice to mentor

Mimi moved back to Atlanta after years of training in LA and New York, taking all she learned from her mentors at Vidal Sassoon, Arrojo, Wella, Aveda, and Davines back with her. Inspired by her mentors to guide others and lead with creativity, she took on roles as an instructor at the Paul Mitchell Academy and Sebastian Professional.

Going green

Mimi has worked her way from being a creative director at a salon to opening Shear Love in 2011. It was during her training at Davines that she realized how much waste the average salon produces. She took this realization very personally. Determined to reform the ways (and waste) of her business, she joined the sustainable salon movement by working with Green Circle Salons.

With the help of Green Circle Salons, used foils, salon chemical waste, and even hair that clients leave behind are collected to go through streamlined processes that divert them from landfills and dumping into natural resources. Learn more about Green Circle Salons here.

Passion + philanthropy

With 14 years of experience, her talent is no stranger to the road. Mimi often makes trips to style hair at NYFW shows and hold pop-up salons at summer music festivals across the country.

But glamour and glamping aside, Mimi dreamt of using her talents to help instill confidence in children who were less fortunate. With help from the Shear Love Atlanta community, Mimi was connected made her way across the world to groom and teach underprivileged children about self-care.

Learn more about her journey and efforts in the small village of Bustos in rural Philippines here.