about mimi lee


In the 6th grade, Mimi’s best friend ranked 2nd in the state tennis championships. Every time she had a tennis match, Mimi got to leave school early to french-braid her best friend’s hair because her mom didn’t know how to. These early moments of being an on-set hairstylist made Mimi realize that creating beauty and instilling confidence brought her unmatched joy.

From apprentice to mentor
Mimi moved back to Atlanta after years of training in LA and New York, taking all she learned from her mentors at Vidal Sassoon, Arrojo, Wella, Aveda, and Davines back with her. Inspired by her mentors to guide others and lead with creativity, she took on roles as an instructor at the Paul Mitchell Academy and Sebastian Professional. Since then, Mimi has worked her way from being a creative director at a salon to opening Shear Love in 2011. Her work has been seen in the New York Times. At Shear Love, Mimi continues to be an educator, philanthropist and advocate for an eco-conscious lifestyle. 

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Philanthropy in the Philippines

shear love's mission

To elevate people’s sense of self-love and confidence through expert hairdressing, coloring, and cutting services using only eco-friendly, non-toxic, natural products and sustainable practices in an eclectic, inspiring environment.

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shear love's core values

  • creativity + compassion

  • sustainability + education

  • passion + philanthropy

about the team


sara wollerson

Sara consistently had temporary color in her hair since the 1st grade to match her mood. The more she discovered self-expression and creativity with hair styling, the more she related it to painting and drawing - her favorite forms of art.

“I think art is what lead me to hair. It's just another medium for me to use. Color theory goes hand-in-hand with art so hair coloring is just fun for me!

Color is Sara’s specialty. Whether it’s developing fashionably-colored tresses at the salon or dabbing paint on canvas at home, her enthusiasm for color theory and painting brings technicolor dreams to reality for clients who want to express themselves with vibrant hair.


julie feron

As a little girl, Julie was always fascinated watching her mom put makeup on her face.  Thinking they were different crayons at that young age was just the beginning of her talent in art.  Julie has had a passion for painting and drawing.  Learning color combinations as well as balance was just a great platform that has translated into hair coloring and makeup.  

Julie is a graduate from Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta and Studio Crush School of Makeup Artistry.  Specializing in hair coloring and makeup she is able to continue her artistic skills on a different canvas.  Julie is always continuing to learn new things and challenging herself in learning what is new in both industries.  Julie is also certified in Balmain Hair Coutour- System Volume, and Donna Bella Keratin Extension System.  Helping a client express themselves in hair and makeup is always her goal.